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The MagicTack bridle combines proved Stübben quality with stylish looks.

Snaffle bridle 2010 MAGICTACK

Headstall: 26mm wide
Cheek piece: 13mm wide
Throat lash: 13mm wide

• MagicTack magnetic brow band Swing
• Headstall padded & anatomic shape
• Fittings silver coloured
• Stitching of leather colours black and tobacco tone-in-tone, leather colour ebony comes with golden threads
• Mexican noseband always padded with lamb-skin
• Noseband and Throat latch adjustable from both sides

Contemporary snaffle bridle with a narrow cut. The headstall is cut out to accommodate the sensitive area around the ear, it is padded with a non-allergenic and soft leather.
The curved magnetic tape, which is inside the leather brow band is the basis for the many individually designed inlays by MagicTack. The MagicTack technology allows the browband inlays to be easily interchangeable. Your bridle can be fitted in no time to your required style without taking it apart. All you have to do is to release the inlay from the magnetic tape and the pockets on either side. To put in a different inlay, make sure that the inlay is placed in the middle of the brow band, the process is simple and quick.
The inlay as well as the tape inside the brow band are both magnetic, strong and tight grip is therefore guaranteed.

The inlays are furnished with Swarovski crystals, which you may either design by your own or select from the MagicTack collection. The assortment comprises straight or curved brow bands, bracelets, belts and riding gloves. With MagicTack you create your own personal look. For this reason there is no inlay included to the bridle price. However the exclusive Stübben inlay collection comprises of five breath-taking inlays, available for the bridle assortment 2010 MagicTack. Both curved and straight shape browbands are available. Further inlay collections, as well as the inlay configurator for your personal designed looks are found at www.magictack.de or your local dealer.

NOTE: This does not include the Magic Tack Swarovski Crystal browband inlay or Reins.

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