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Introducing to you all, just in time to get the remainder of your equine friends winter coats out, the Magic Brush! I have been using these for a week, and Magic is the only way to describe them!! No more grooming bricks breaking in half, not to mention destroying your horses coat.

This is the ONLY Brush you will need in your tack box!

Magic Brush can be used to remove dirt from a variety of surfaces on and off the horse. They are tough enough to clean tack, equipment and remove mud from your horse but sensitive enough to use on the horse's joints, bones and frogs, even the most sensitive of horses love them.

The unique triangular and conical shaped quadro bristles allow astonishing results in cleaning and grooming and also massage your horse. Magic Brush is a high quality EU Product.

Due to the high quality of the materials used, the brush is nearly indestructible.

For hygienic use, the brush sets come in 3 colours allowing you to use each colour for a different purpose.

MagicBrush can be used for any kind of horse hair. The brush removes dried-on sweat without any afford from your horses coat. Since the brush is 100 % waterproof its perfect for shampooing your horse. The brush will not swell or lose any bristle. If necessary the MagicBrush itself can be washed in the washing machine.

Groom your horse (ideal for changing coats)
Clean hooves and frogs
Clean equestrian clothing, riding boots and saddleclothes
Use reverse of brush as a sweat scraper

The best quality, all the way from Germany


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