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Jodz Elasta Chapettes
Jodz Elasta ChapettesA close, comfortable fit due to the innovative elastic panel and instep. The leather panel on the inside leg offers improved grip and protection. 
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Kerrits Griptek™ Half Chap
Because sometimes, you just gotta break free and ditch the tall boots. Better than leather half chaps, this Griptek™ half chap loves to get wet and is machine washable. Exclusive Griptek™ material is bonded to stretch microfiber for additional cushion and comfort. Conforms and customizes t...
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Zilco Airmesh Chapettes
Zilco Airmesh ChapettesAn exceptionally lightweight, ventilated chapette that is ideal for summer. They feature an elasticated rear panel for an improved fit, and airmesh fronts for better airflow. This model is very popular with endurance riders. 

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