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Nano-Q10™ is a highly bioavailable form of coenzyme Q10, also known as ubiquinone. Nano-Q10 features advanced nanotechnology to create a rapidly available and absorbed source of coenzyme Q10 that has been shown to be three times more bioavailable than powdered crystalline ubiquinone.

Coenzyme Q10 is involved in numerous reactions in the body, primarily the production of energy, and is found in highest concentrations in mitochondria. Coenzyme Q10 is also found in cell membranes, where it boosts cell integrity.

Coenzyme Q10 is a powerful antioxidant, protecting cells from highly reactive chemicals called free radicals that can damage cells and their DNA. Besides providing direct antioxidant protection, it also improves the antioxidant potential of other antioxidants in the body, like vitamins C and E.

Why should I use Nano-Q10 for my horse?

  • Protects against exercise-induced muscle damage
  • Prevents the overexpression of pro-inflammatory compounds
  • Defends against oxidative stress in muscle cells
  • Works synergistically with vitamins C and E
  • Three times more bioavailable than the crystalline powdered form
  • Horses with high GGT or muscle enzyme levels in blood tests
  • Breeding stallions and sub-fertile mares

Feeding directions

Give 7 mL once a day for horses over 400 kg.

Feeding guidelines for racehorses: Trainers and managers should adhere to the regulations set forth by specific racing jurisdictions prior to using any feed additives or supplements.

Guaranteed Analysis

Coenzyme Q10 (min) 110 mg/mL

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