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The Amerigo DJ (Deep Jump) is a timeless classic.  For horses with an average length of withers to the deepest point and a straighter topline.

The Amerigo DJ Pinerolo Jump saddle provides perfect balance, and guarantees an optimal biomechanical situation for both the rider and the horse. It is, therefore, no coincidence that an unusually high number of Elite Showjumping riders such as World Number 1 Daniel Deusser, Olympic Champion Steve Guerdat, Billy Twomey and Edwina Tops-Alexander, as well as many event riders including Badminton Winner Sam Griffths, Dirk Schrade, Buck Davidson and Jeanette Brakewell, choose this saddle to be an important part of their horse management.

The DJ Pinerolo is built on a wooden Spring Tree, and as with all of our saddles it is made with wool flocked independent panels, which can be made with different levels of volume to suit each horse. Each panel is produced individually by hand and requires great skill to ensure that two equal panels are produced. Such a panel system provides many advantages in terms of fit for the horse. The absence of any ends’ or pre formed stitching (gussets) on the horse, with the panels blending out away from the horse, and becoming flatter and wider with use, means that they offer a very precise and individual fit, even if used on many horses. They can also be adjusted or changed very easily as well as being low maintenance.

  • For horses with straight back, also suitable for horses with short backs. 
  • For horses with short backs and not much space for the rider. Made with an extra wide gullet for wider withers.
  • For straighter backs, also good for short backed horses and bigger warmbloods.

Available in 4 colours, Black, Brown, Red brown and Newmarket with a choice of knee rolls and forward cut flap option as well as a mono flap!

Gullet Widths:
-  1 N
- .5 MN
0 M
+ .5 MW
+ 1 MW +
+ 1.5 W
+ 2 W+
+ 2.5 XW

Italian manufacture

Each Amerigo saddle is a masterpiece of craftsmanship: it is individually made to order in Italy by specially trained craftsmen and women using traditional methods with a modern touch.
All saddles combine technics and precision as well as the highest quality materials, including top quality naturally tanned Italian and French leathers.

R&D at Amerigo

Research and Development is an important part of the Amerigo brand and product strategy, both to maintain the very high quality standards and to develop products to meet the requirements of a ever changing market.

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