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3 Cover Choices:

-Thick and soft 7mm athletic neoprene liner (all other neoprene cinches on the market are a thinner 5mm).
- Plush Fleece liner available in black or white
- 12 mm thick real wool felt liner in grey.

Available in 24 through 36 inch lengths.

Regardless of the liner, the cinch is equally as effective at keeping the saddle tree off the shoulder and giving extra elbow clearance.  The reasons to select each material type are as follows:

  • Neoprene - Great for damp or muddy environments, as it is very easy to keep clean and repels moisture.
  • Wool Fleece - Great for sensitive skin horses.  It also has the wonderful wool benefits of moisture wicking and heat dispersion.
  • Wool Felt - Great all around liner.  It has the moisture wicking and heat dispersion qualities of wool while being easier to keep clean than a fleece liner.


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