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CDM Antibacterial Wound Cream
CDM Antibacterial Wound CreamAntibacterial cream that aids the natural healing process Description Advanced, scientific formula allows the skin to breathe freely and heal ‘correctly’ in beneficial moist conditions, helping to reduce healing time of minor cuts, scratches and abrasions. Easy...
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CDM Dual Purpose Liniment
CDM Dual Purpose LinimentDual purpose liniment and rinse for use on swellings and tight, stiff muscles Description Lavender Liniment is a dual purpose liniment with both heating and cooling effects. For use on swellings, aching joints and tight stiff muscles. Arnica and witch hazel help to...
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CDM Gallop Medicated Shampoo
CDM Gallop Medicated ShampooDeep cleaning, medicated shampoo with added coat conditioners Description A high specification formula ideal for dry, flaky, itchy, scurfy and sensitive skin. Soothes and calms irritated, sore, damaged and sensitive skin. The pH neutral formula contains both ant...
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CDM Ice Blue Leg Cooler
CDM Ice Blue Leg CoolerICE BLUE LEG COOLER GEL Ice Blue Leg Cooler Gel Quickly cools and soothes hot, tired or filled legs Description Fast acting, easy to use leg cooler gel that quickly soothes hot, tired or filled legs. Ice Blue contains a number of premium active ingredients such as; a...
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CDM Protection Plus Natural Antibacterial Salve
CDM Protection Plus Natural Antibacterial SalveAn Anti-bacterial salve to protect and waterproof vulnerable areas Description This antibacterial pink ointment with a citronella scent has numerous uses. Ideal to protect and waterproof wounds and as a barrier against mud fever and sweet itch...
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ENDURA-MAX is an essential electrolyte replacer, containing added calcium to meet the requirements of hard-working horses. Feed RESTORE Electrolyte during routine training. ENDURA-MAX should be mixed well with feed. ENDURA-MAX is also available in an easy-to administer, buffered oral ele...
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Zilco Leg WrapsCotton covered, toweling lined leg wraps with 25mm channel quilt, which prevents creasing and minimises tendon irritation.Small 43cm x 31cm Large 53cm x 33cm White Set of two.
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Nano E Nervous and tense horse? Prone to Tying Up? Not quite performing with the X Factor? Nano•E™ Nanodispersed Natural-Source Vitamin E Nano•E™ provides highly bioavailable natural vitamin E to horses through a unique delivery system. The availability and necessity of vitamin E in equ...
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Pro-Dosa BOOSTA comprehensive, balanced, bioavailable multi-nutrient paste formulated to replace essential nutrients lost by the equine athlete during training, competition, transport or under stress.  Pro-Dosa BOOST was first launched in New Zealand over a decade ago and is now the bigges...
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Professional's Choice Combo Bandages
Professional's Choice Combo BandagesDesigned for protection and support, the Combo Bandage is made of a four way stretch polo wrap attached to an elastic bandage. This combination is easy to apply and washable for continued use. Great for use as a workout wrap. Packaged in a convenient set...
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