$4,495.00 NZD
Approx $3,222.75 USD

Black Country Working Hunter
Size: 17.5″
Gullet: W, adjustable to MW or  XW by a saddler.  Originally W. 
Colour: Brown
Leather: Leather
Girthing: Fixed,Short
Blocks: Fixed, Front and Rear
Tree: Laminated Wood Steel
Panel: Wool Flock 
Condition: As new, clearance line
Serial Number: 24012
Made in: UK
Fit: Flatter back with small to medium withers.

Saddle information from Black Country Saddles:

This saddle has proved popular in more ways than one.

Developed from our range of show saddles but with a more forward-cut flap that will allow riders to shorten their stirrups hence providing the security needed for jumping, especially in working hunter classes, this adaptable saddle has an aesthetically pleasing profile to enhance the horse for showing.

The style of this saddle also lends itself well as a general purpose saddle but with a flatter seat allowing more room working particularly well on cobs and native breeds.

“A real worker”
“ideal for cobs, conemmaras and natives”

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