Zilco Coolback Saddle Pads

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aZilco Coolback Saddle Pads

The ultimate pad for professional stables, easy care and super light weight, keeping competition weight down and comfort up!

Welcome to a new world of comfort for your horse! 
Coolback pads are made from a pile fabric with a dense concentration of resilient polyester fibers that are closely shorn to provide maximum cushion with minimal matting or slipping. 
They are machine washable and dryer safe which makes caring for your Coolback pad easy and actually improves the orthopedic function. 
The pad will not hold moisture or sweat, making one pad suitable for multiple loops, these pads truly do last the distance! Many of those who completed the Tom Quilty in Australia in 2015 used just one of there Coolback Pads for the whole 160km event! 
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