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GEL-Lite Bridle Relief Pad
Synthetic leather padded with Gel-lite impact absorption material. Touch tape straps attach to the bridle head or noseband to dissipate pressure points. Black 
Myler Book
Myler Book & DVD Combo Pack
A must have, this great set has so much informative information and important tips. "The Level Best for Your Horse" builds on the Mylers' first book "A Whole Bit Better", with improved definitions of the Myler Levels, expanded descriptions of the Myler mouthpieces and cheekpieces, a clear ...
Bungee Hobble
Myler Bungee Bit Hobble
Elasticated bit hobble for use with Bits and Hackamores. Works in much the same way as a curb strap, but with a little stretch. Special order approximately 3 - 6 weeks, please feel free to contact us about this as we will likely have a trial bit for you to use during this time.
Single Link CC
Myler Curb Chain Single Link
Myler single link curb chain. Stainless steel.Special order approximately 3 - 6 weeks, please feel free to contact us about this as we will likely have a trial bit for you to use during this time.
Curb Kit Beta
Myler Curb Kit Beta
Myler Beta Curb Strap Kit for cheek pieces with hooks and curb loops. Kit includes black beta curb strap and one pair of Stainless Steel curb hooks.In stock now!
Curb Kit English
Myler Curb Kit English
Myler double link curb chain, complete with Quick Links. The Double Link Curb Chain and Quick Links are also available for purchase separately. Stainless steel.Easily convert your Myler Bit with Hooks into a curb bit with this kit.  Super for a little extra lift and control when it is req...
Quick Links
Myler Quick Links (Pair)
Stainless steel quick links, for use on bits with hooks or bits with purchase.  Easy on and off, while still looking tidy.In stock now!
We have a full range of Myler Trial Bits, and helpful advice to get the correct bit for you and your horse.Please feel free to contact us to talk over your biting requirements.   How it works:We will talk over our recommendations with you and you can trial as many bits as you like for 1 - ...
Soft Gel Bit Guards
Soft Gel Bit GuardsMade from a pliable gel material, these bit guards are easy to fit and offer a soft, contoured alternative to traditional bit guard designs. The bulb shape allows the guard to stabilise the bit and minimise movement, which thereby prevents rubbing when in use. Black Sold...
Soft Gel Curb Chain Cover
Soft Gel Curb Chain CoverCurb chain covers are designed to help prevent chafing of the horse's chin. This model is made from a pliable gel material to give a cushioning effect. It includes a centre slot for the fly link to be brought through where a lip strap is also used. 

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