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Amerigo Vega Jump Special
Size: 18″
Gullet: Fixed, +1.5 (Wide) Adjustable 1 size either way by saddler.
Colour: Brown
Leather: Leather
Girthing: Fixed, Short
Blocks: Fixed, Front and Reat
Tree: Plastic
Panel: Flock in Felt Bag
Condition: Very Good, well used
Serial Number: 18N
Made in: Italy
Fit: Range of backs with small to medium withers.  Works very well on shorter backs. 

Saddle Information:
NZ's most popular Amerigo!  The Vega Jump Special, is well, just that!  Superb for horse and rider, providing an unbelievably close feel using advanced saddle technology to incorporate wool panels in a close contact saddle without compromising on fit. 
Vega Saddles are made using a specially created synthetic tree with a lifetime guarantee* that has a tempered steel head iron. It reflects the most popular measurements and has produced a flexible saddle that is suitable for many horses and riders.
The jump special is made in beautiful PINEROLO Italian Calfskin providing extra grip in the saddle and a “broken in” feel.

Wool flocked independent panels, which can be made with different levels of volume to suit each horse. Each panel is produced individually by hand and requires great skill to ensure that two equal panels are produced. Such a panel system provides many advantages in terms of fit for the horse. The absence of any ‚ends’ or pre formed stitching (gussets) on the horse, with the panels blending out away from the horse, and becoming flatter and wider with use, means that they offer a very precise and individual fit, even if used on many horses. They can also be adjusted or changed very easily as well as being low maintenance.

Re flocking on a regular basis is not required.

Pinerolo (Calfskin)

Amerigo Vega specially created synthetic tree with a *lifetime guarantee, excluding accidents and damage caused by unauthorized work carried out by an unauthorized third party.
Wool flocked panel.

Many years of experience of working with world class riders and their horses, across all disciplines means that the Amerigo designer, Peter Menet, has a wealth of knowledge on how saddle design can influence the horses movement and performance both positively and negatively. His extensive knowledge of the biomechanics of both horse and rider, allow him to create saddles that influence both horse and rider in a positive way, improving the performance and also the long term health of the horse. Placing the riders weight in an area where the horse can carry it easily means that it can round its back, and the hindlegs step further under the horses point of balance, carrying more weight on the hindquarters. This results in the horse being able to stretch through its topline and over the wither which is essential for any level of collection, whether jumping or dressage. A horse that is working with a saddle that allows it to work with its own body, instead of against it, will have a much happier mental attitude to work, and also a healthier body, keeping it performing at a good level for much longer time.

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